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Keep Australia  Green!

Experts predict the amount of waste from solar panels could reach 1,500 kilotons by 2050. Many of these panels could have been repurposed to extend their lives.  That’s where we come in…

Think Globally

Much of the world does not enjoy the luxury of modern conveniences that we sometimes take for granted.  We collect used solar panels to extend their life by re-provisioning them overseas.


For panels that are in working order but don’t meet the high standards set in Australia, Solarshift is able to send them overseas to help people in less developed nations to enjoy low cost electricity. By extending their useful life, we are helping those in need while also keeping the panels out of landfill in Australia. It’s a win-win.


Solar panel recycling is well under way in Australia and is a great way to keep end-of-life panels out of landfill if they can’t be re-used. Solarshift works with all recyclers who undertake this process to lead the charge on the responsible, efficient and high yield recycling and recovery process of materials contained within Solar Panels.

Ready to Help Keep Australia Green? Make the Shift.


What does Solar Shift Do?

Solar Shift provides a collection service for Solar Installers.  We repurpose the surplus solar equipment we collect by making it available for export to developing countries where it is given a new life.

Is Solar Shift a charity?

No! We are not a charity. We are a for-profit business that is interested in reducing the amount of ewaste that goes to landfill in Australia. We are charitable, and donate a percentage of our profits to green initiatives.

Where do you operate?

Solar Shift currently has panel drop off locations in QLD, VIC, SA and WA.  Collections can be made anywhere in Australia by arrangement.

Who do you collect from?

We provide a collection service to solar industry professionals.  Before you engage a company to replace your old panels, ask how they dispose of them.

Do you pay for our old panels?

Yes! In many cases we do.  Our ability to pay and the amount available is determined by many factors. Please get in touch to see what kind of arrangement we can offer your business!

Our Service

At Solar Shift, our aim is to make it easy for installers to dispose of second hand panels.

On Site Collection

If you have a large installation, we can be available on site to collect the used panels when they are removed. This saves your company the time and money associated with removal or disposal.

Collection From Depot

We offer a scheduled collection service from your depot.  We can set up a regular schedule, or add you to our route when you have enough panels to warrant a collection. 

Drop at Our Depot

We are adding new drop off locations all the time making it easy for you to book in for disposal at your convenience.


Our strategy is to facilitate the industry and all the players involved in a positive way without detracting from anyone else’s plans. In fact, the opposite is the plan, and that’s to help everyone to perform their tasks within the renewable energy sector as follows.

1. Solar Shift’s mission is to perform triage for the solar industry.
Our motto is “Reuse, Repair, Recycle.”

2. Solar Shift has triage centres, collection depots and agents, industry relationships and bespoke logistics arranged and is always working towards refining improvements in these areas.

3. Solar Shift decides the best practices for ALL the surplus solar equipment we take in from the industry (new and used) – no bias to anyone just best practice.

4. Solar Shift will test each panel and determine the best channel for it.

5. In the tests performed, Solar Shift will decide what should be repaired. We may either engage in repairs or store repairable panels until someone can take them.

6. In tests performed, Solar Shift will make sure reusable panels are sent to market in accordance with all legislation, rules, ethics etc sell only to accredited solar industry operators that also follow international standards and facilitate EOL planning.

7. Solar Shift also endeavours to engage with a circular economy and share the data it collects in order to further develop and facilitate best practices in future repurposing of all commodities recovered.

Green. Reliable. Efficient.

Our Solar Panel collection service ensures that we keep as much Solar waste out of  landfill as possible.  Sign up with us today and streamline your disposal process.

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